Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Wife's Plea . . .

Dear Hubby,
It has nearly been ages since I talked to you about us. In the entire process of getting married, I felt we talked about people and situations around us rather than just about ‘us’. So, let me start by thanking you for marrying me. By taking the sacred vows with you, I am whole heartedly indebted to you for this entire life and also the other lives to come (if they ever do). Now that we are deeply into our blessed wedded life, I wish to tell you some things straight from the heart

1)We are married now and I am staying with you for good. Please stamp this in your mind, heart and thoughts that no matter what happens I am not leaving you in any damn situation. Though there might be millions of people whom I adore and appreciate for their sheer mettle and guts; it is you with whom I find my peace of mind and love. So you have no choice but to bear me till the last breadth I take. I am here to stay forever.
2)I love working. Whether that means working in the office, washing the dishes, cooking, laundry, dusting, cleaning, anything. Especially I love to do it for you. I am honestly not complaining for it anytime in the present or future. But its only when I am dead tired or when all the other options fail miserably that I expect you to just ‘pitch in’ and help me. Otherwise, just a caring comment of appreciation is fine. I will do the rest myself. I really don’t want you to help me every single day. Really.
3)We really don’t need to do every single thing together. I am not at all angry with you if you feel like spending time with your laptop, or mobile, or newspaper, or anything. I am happy to read my own book and enjoy the time. Don’t be guilty. Don’t be awkward. Along with supporting each other’s interests, we need to grow as individuals as well. Isnt it ??
4)It will take time for me to do everything perfectly. In the process, if I fail sometimes here and there, please don’t taunt or shout. It feels like all the efforts so far are wasted and I will have to start afresh from the scratch and it hurts badly too. I know, u don’t like lots of my things as well and you can frankly tell them to me at night, when we are cozying in the bed. The message sinks in better this way.
5)Talk. Whatever you feel or have it in your mind, just say it loud. Even if you feel like swearing, teasing, loving, arguing, any damn thing from the smallest to the largest, just say it aloud and clear. It is too much of an effort to keep you asking and then keep guessing when you don’t speak. I am not going to get hurt and start crying just because you are being honest. Angry may be . .but just for a minute. But its worth talking straight away than keeping quiet. I think of millions of terrible things if you don’t tell me. You know that can spoil our entire day (and night as well).
6)I understand all your dreams. I really do. And I wish and pray and hope from the bottom of my heart that you achieve all of them. I am really sorry if it was not conveyed to you through my actions. So here I am stating it clearly. I will support you in each and every dream you chase to the fullest.
7)I genuinely care and respect all the people who matter to you. I may not agree with some of their actions and thoughts or may get bored sometimes. But I think that’s ok. No one is perfect. I care for them as much as you do. After all they are mine now as well. Right ???
8)I like to do my own things. So if I do certain things without consulting you or discussing with you, it doesn’t mean I don’t trust you or don’t respect your thoughts. Its just that I am used to doing things in a certain way and will take time to mould the other way. I promise soon enough you will be annoyed by the number of things I ask you. But till that time, just ignore me if I don’t listen to you sometimes. No doubt, this also applies to me. I will never question anything you do without telling me. I trust you. Completely.
9)Its not easy for me to let go of my parents and home so easily and immediately. If sometimes I do give a little more preference to my parents, please let it be. They have been my everything till you came. Its difficult to just de-prioritize them . .just like that !!!!
10)I love you. I really really really do love you more than my life. The hugs, the silly names, the happiness, the fights, the talks, the food . .everything is a testimony to our love. No matter what happens and however badly we fight, love is there to stay. Its when I am under your arms at night and you cuddle up next to me in the morning – warm, peaceful and happy, I realize its true strength.

Finally, this letter is still not done completely. I will find many more things to tell you in the years to come. Till that time . . . . . .

With lots of love

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