Monday, August 29, 2011

Bahulichya Lagnachi Goshta

This is the story of my wedding.
Written by my dad, this includes the story of the entire process, the preparations, the people, the incidences, the fun, the jokes, the eleventh hour confusions.
We in the family enjoyed it a lot. . i hope its funny enough for everyone as well.
Enjoy !!!


  1. Maahol ! haha.. and hearty congratulations !
    - Rohan

  2. thanks for the comment.
    Keep reading and keep enjoying . .

  3. a tuza blog kharach sahi aahe. keep it up.r u in pune? why u r not on fb?

  4. Dear Anonymous . .

    Can you please specify your email address ??

    And i m not anonymous(i see my name is visible at d bottom,isn't it?:)). i m rohan sontake. it's just that i dont have a proper account or i am not a member or whatever... so 'anonymous' works faster to post a comment.And i did write my name for each comment.
    anyways, keep bloggin !