Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aaj phir aapki kami si hai..!!!

The first time I ever heard Jagjit Singh was by chance when dad got one of his albums “Silsilay”. A rare composition and a rarer association. It introduced me to the mesmerizing world of ghazals which were far away from the traditional urdu genre I was so used to since childhood. No harmonium, no ‘taal’ instruments – just strings, violin, piano and an occasional flute. But it was one of those albums which could instantly transform your state of mind and bring peace. I was fascinated. I was hooked onto it for around one year.
The next was when again dad got Jagjit Singh’s first album with his wife Chitra – the Unforgetable. It was one of the magical ones with all the eccentricity of the traditional urdu ghazals. But the voice of Jagjit Singh was so overpowering that even the simplest of the songs worked wonders. I was hooked again. The cassette didn’t last more than six months due to excessive playing.
From there started what I call “A life-long love affair” with the ghazals and the maestro’s creations. I still have most of his ghazals in my mobile and they will always be.
Here is the list of some of my personal favorites:
1) Ahista Ahista: The Unforgettable – This still remains one of his most respected and appreciated ghazals. The tune, the lyrics, the piano in between and most important – the voice – everything is amazing
2) Koi paas aya savere savere: The unforgettable - The rhythm of the song is like never heard before. Its difficult. Its heavy but its lingers in the mind for a long time.
3) Shyam se aankh mei name si hai: Marasim – This is one of the most loved and cherished albums of all times. It took Jagjit and Gulzar six years to compose this album
4) Aankho mei jal raha hai kyu: Marasim – there is a prose recited by Gulzar before this song. That and the tune of the song make it an incredibly mesmerizing composition.
5) Zhuki Zhuki si nazar: Arth – Needless to say anything else. Its overwhelming.
6) Sach ye hai bekaar hamein: Silsilay – I still don’t know which instrument he has used which keeps on playing in the background . .feels like falling of drops in a pond of water. The lyrics is awesome.
7) Woh khat ke purze uda raha tha: Marasim - Use of just two guitars – one higher and another lower notes, a flute and a Sitar. Nothing else. Incomparable.
8) Hazaron Khwahishein : Mirza Ghalib – One of the quintessential urdu poetry and impeccable music.
9) Tumko Dekha to: Saath Saath – The first one. Peaceful. Really a Ghana Saaya
10) Kya khoya Kya paaya: Samvedna – The coming together of two legends. Jagjit Singh and Atal Bihari Vajpeyee. Hear it and cry for hours.


  1. hey Janhavi,
    so nice to read ur posts.. I too love Jagjit Singh's songs and the ones u listed is an awesome collection...beautiful...mesmerizing..
    loved the way u described each one of them and ur memory of childhood!


  2. Thanks Mridu.
    I am waiting for a nice new post from you as well . . .