Thursday, July 30, 2009

Come rains !!!

I had to go out of the office today in the afternoon to have lunch with Mom and Rahul. It was after around one month that i was out on the roads of the city at such afternoon hours. The incessant rains since the last 20-25 days had made the weather absolutely miserable with the constant wetness and moisture. Along with it the obligations of work had me locked in the air conditioned interiors of a posh corporate house. So either inside and outside, i was stuck in constant feeling of cold and boredom with no brightness and sunlight to enjoy.
Let me tell you, i enjoy the rains immensely. There was a time when i used to crave for rains to come and make everything wet and cool. Somehow rains used to make the dullest of the things come to life and make it beautiful. Even the footpaths along the tar roads would look beautiful with all the fresh grass growing alongside. But that was when i was in Akola and everything around had a different aspect to it. Basically being a hot place, rains were always welcomed by all in Akola. Rains used to be minimal and for a short while and the sorroundings would remain considerably dry with rare cases of dirt and mud ponds. It would be enjoyed immensely for the short time it stayed and in that short while it would turn everything into green and splendour.
But when it comes to Pune, rains are a constant hazard making everything dirty wet. Roads, societies, gardens, bus stands, stations, public places are all converted into huge dirt grounds and the constant wetness makes it almost impossible to go out without nauseating about the surrounding. There is stench everywhere, there is shit everywhere. And due to lack of sunlight, there is constant feeling of boredom, decay and depression. So much so that at some point i had started to hate the rains which i loved so much. I had even got to point of getting a phobia whenever it rained heavily.
In such a situation, it was plasant experience for me when a warm, bright sunlight fell on my face when i was outside the office premises. The rains had stopped in the morning itself and sun was shining proudly since long, soaring the temperature by 8-7 degrees. The mood in the environment immediately reflected in my heart and i started enjoying every moment of my driving. The traffic was usual high but even all the drivers seemed to be enjoying this sudden change in weather. The wetness on the roads was considerably lessened and the trees and leaves were all shining and giving off a divine radiance.I remembered Akola. I deliberately slowed down my pace and took much more time to reach the destination. We decided to eat outside in the open to enjoy the weather. While having lunch, i was thinking about this sudden change. I wondered about the natural phenomenon called rains. Strange how it has different meaning, aspects and different repercussion depending on the place and environment.
Never in my life had i thought that i would somehow start hating rains. But after today's experience, i realised that rains are after all just that - rains, when water pours down from the heavens. Whether i feel wet or fresh all depends upon where i am and what i think. I am off to enjoy the weather for now, and i am sure that next time when it rains real bad and everything changes to wet, i will have at least a different perspective about it rather than complaint.

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