Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ek chehra !!!

I am glued. I am completely and absolutely glued. I just listened to that marvolously romantic song from a long forgotten film " Takshak " .

Khamosh raat . .
Sehmi hava . .
Tanha Tanha dil apna. .
Aur dooor kahi roshan hua
Ek chehra . . .
Ye sach hai ya sapna . . !!!

What an absolutely delightful experience.!!!
It feels so refreshing that sometimes some of the most neglected or forgotten songs are rediscovered by chance.
This is one song i had heard long ago and thought as a boring run-of-mill creation from the mystero A.R.Rehman himself.
But luckily, i found this song in one of my common songs folder and just out of habbit of random selection i played it. And to my utter delight, that was something which woke out all my tired senses. Now i am playing the song continuously for the 35th time i guess.
My God !! the guitar, the violins, the strings and finally that remarkably honest voice. .
Mr Roopkumar Rathod has woven magic with that honest, rasp and deep voice . . not to mention the feelings he induces in it.

When you hear "Ek chehraaa " you feel like going Ga Ga over the mood.
The mood and the feel of the lyrics is so convincingly captured out of the voice and the rhythm. There is one moment when in the background an entire symphony of guitars is being played complementary to the voice. . and its like soaring to some unknown heights and then again falling in a cool water with a splash.
Thats amazing.
I then thought about other such long forgotten songs which instantly makes us believe in the magic of music.
Take for Ex. Jane do naa - from chini Kam
Kismat se tum - from Pukaar
Aey kash ke hum - from Kabhi haa kabhi naa

All these are some of the most sensitive and sensuous songs created from Bollywood which i think havnt got their due popularity.
But whenever you listen to them, they do blend in with your emotions so convincingly, that it becomes mandatory to accept their beauty and splendour.
I am off to find out more such songs now.
In the mean time - Ek chehraaaa . . . !!!!!!!

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  1. Rehman Rocks....

    I heard this Ek chehara live in concert from Roopkumar Rathod. It was awesome!!!