Monday, June 6, 2011

Ten Things Worth Living !!!

Yesterday I came across an article by noted film maker Pritish Nandy. He had written about life and things which make it worth living. How true, I thought that we never think about the small facts of life which keep our spirit alive throughout. According to him, he has made a list of ten things which he finds his reasons to be alive and ticking. Going by his this method, I decided to make a similar list for myself. Its so easy, just a 10 mins work – I thought. But when I actually got down doing it – I couldn’t think of even two of them. After a lot of scrapping and brain storming – I finally got down to the following 10 which I think everyone could relate to –

1) The morning news papers -
This may sound a bit unusual but I find this piece of paper as the most important thing of the entire day. Humans, I think, are here to grow and growth always comes from mind. Newspaper in the morning is my window to the world outside – to absorb, to learn, to understand and to think. It gives a healthy fodder for my mind to process throughout the day.

2) A mug full of milk –
This is yet another ordinary substance which makes life worth living. Imagine after a night’s long sleep, the first thing you put into your starved stomach is sweetened, thick milk topped with cream. It is and absolute bliss. Period.

3) Weathers -
Now people living in places with extreme weather can relate with me. The falling of leaves in autumn, the initial cold winds of the winter, the greenery of the rains, the smell of the newly grown grass, the fresh vegetables from winter. I have experienced this from close quarters and is really something worth it. One just cannot ignore the taste of a new raw mango and especially when it is plucked secretly from a neighbors’ courtyard. I will live again and again to enjoy it.

4) Travel –
Imagine sitting in a train’s sleeper compartment by a window seat, or in a car by the window seat. Soft breeze pass by you and if it’s the night outside you are altogether taken to a different world. I feel like life is such a long journey at such times. Villages, jungles, barren lands pass by and one thinks about life in similar terms – past, present and future. The stars, the trees, the road, the rivers and the lakes – all come together and you become a part of the vast universe. It is serene, it is divine.

5) Books –
Books are my God. I am wholeheartedly indebted to all those great and incredible souls who had the courage, perseverance and patience to write all those highly amusing pieces of knowledge. I read like a maniac and I read again and again. Places like crossword, landmark and odyssey are like temples for me. I would die to live long just for reading books.

6) Movies, music, paintings – Arts in general.
Do I need to elaborate anymore? Arts are like nourishment for one’s mind. It gives creativity, imagination and enriches life. Definitely worth a life.

7) Acknowledgement, acceptance, appreciation –
An appreciation mail from a client, an encouraging pat on the back from dad, a happy look of acceptance in the eyes of a loved one, a comment from a teacher for you hard work, a clap by your team after a match win – all these form ever lasting memories to be cherished for the entire life. Appreciation is the single factor which makes you work harder and heart always has a craving for acceptance from the loved ones. It is worth living again and again.

8) People –
A distant cousin who shared pranks with you in childhood, a best friend whose face pokes into your conscience whenever you pass any of the numerous tea and snacks ADDAs spread all over the city, the thought of that one special person when you held hands, grandma with her wrinkled face but the world’s most beautiful smile, your first child – two hours old in the world but who has already filled your life with all the joys that a life has, mom and dad smiling encouragingly as you go for the board exam. Sheer bliss to be alive and living.

9) Morning 3 am and a mug of hot steaming coffee -
Its when you are working on an important project, or studying for the exams next day or it’s a friends night out or its just a girly gossip session throughout the night. Coffee tastes different. Its sweeter and its effect lasts longer.

10) The face –
You wake up in the morning after a bad dream, you open your eyes and turn to your side and you see the love of your life – you spouse cuddled next to you – happy, still and peaceful. What else could you ask for ?? I know – just another chance to live it up like this again.

That’s it. That’s life worth living for me.


  1. mast likha hai..
    i feel most of the things you mentioned are the "things worth dying for" too ;ain't it? :)

  2. Read it again :)