Thursday, September 17, 2009

Worth It !!!

I had been working as software professional since two long years and I had been bored up to my nerves since the first day I started my work. That’s the reason, I was immensely happy to start my part time journalism course in Ranade Institute, Pune. I started enjoying the classes greatly where the veterans would talk on various subjects and enlighten us students. Even though I was not at all a star performer in the office, I had made sure that I delivered my objects and programs on time, so I would often find time to surf and search for my subjects in the office. That’s why; I was a bit surprised when I was assigned in a new project from the United States with a high priority. Others in the software field would have jumped at the opportunity. The project promised a chance of going to the US and some of my colleagues had already started teasing me about my future ‘Onsite’ trip. But I was fairly disappointed by this sudden change. US project meant more responsibility, late night calls, work pressure extending till long but my most critical fear was that I wouldn’t be able to give proper time to my classes and studies. I decided that I would come early in the morning and complete my work before class. The project started and as expected it started draining out my reserves of energy. I would go to the office at 8 in the morning, work till 5.45 then rush to class and again come back at 8.30 in the evening for client call, which extended till 10.30pm sometimes. I was left with no energy at all to study and it had started taking a toll on my health as well as my performance in class. Even so I kept my work fairly satisfactory. At one such tired moment I confessed to my Team leader that this hectic schedule is getting very tough for me. At this he rudely told me to forget my class and pay attention to the project as its very important. I was so hurt, I told him straight that I would not miss the class even if I had to quit my job. What I expected was a certain level of understanding from a person so senior and experienced than me. But I forgot that I was expecting it from an IT professional who can’t think beyond codes, deadlines and money. We were supposed to come to office for the weekend too, but I was so upset that I took an unplanned leave for three days. As expected, I got a call from my Project Manager (Boss ka big boss) and he immediately started shouting about how irresponsibly and immaturely I had behaved by taking leaves. This was pretty much expected.
But I was shocked when he asked me how did I go to the classes when I had so much of work left to do. I had never told my PM about my classes neither I had delayed any work object due to the time I spent in classes. More than the work, my studies had been badly affected, so I was in no mood to take it from PM that I had neglected my work due to classes. But he was not to be convinced. He bluntly told me to immediately stop the classes. “ How can you go to the class if the client expects you in the office” was his point. I told him that I would complete all my work on time, and I would come early but I can’t stop my class. But he had just one thing in mind – Client and Project as if the entire world depended on the silly project. I tried explaining him that I had come early in the last 15 days, completed my work and then again I had even come to attend the client calls till 10.30. Even after doing so much, if I am not able to claim two and half hours from my own day and own time then what’s the use?? Is this all worth it?? No no no – My mind and my heart were screaming to their limits and I was feeling like going to the office and just throwing my resignation at his face. But I decided to keep my cool and act with a thought. The next day I went to the office and drafted a mail to relieve me from the project. As expected, my request was granted and now I am happy to be on one month’s leave away from that crazy schedules of project. I am free and i am studying - giving full justice to my studies which had taken a backseat in recent days. This is really worth it.


  1. Tu bhari aahes!!! Manale tula!!!
    He sarvannacha nahi jamat!!!

  2. It's a tussle that will never end unless people in IT and Marketing as well are sent for journalism courses, to understand the mind of a journalist.
    They fail to understand that creative people, even if they work to a deadline, need their space.

  3. Hmmm sahi after all u have to have 2/3 Hrs. from ur own day! pan tula project varun sodle na he chaan! Nasheeb laagt tyala :) It is not only in IT it's a never ending tussle between senior ppl & team & sometimes it is simply EGO nothin else.

  4. My dear Janhavi,

    Put your head down. If you click the links to "The blogs I care about" you will see some excellent blogs by people in IT.

    Note: IT pays well. This money may give you a certain freedom to write. You do not have to get into full-time journalism, unless you discover for yourself that it moves your spirit.

    For the moment, be content with a job in IT and a journalism course. Focus on making your blog a niche of excellence in writing.

    When I was a young man, there were no blogs. Now that the blogs have come alive, the opportunities for good writers building cultivating niche readers is excellent.

    Keep in touch,

    Peace and love,
    - Joe.

  5. Mohan ssir and Joe sir,
    Thanks a lot for the comments.

    I agree with you Joe sir that IT pays well. But thats the one and only thing which makes people stay there.
    Believe me, people who survive IT are the ones who fall in love with codes (and money ofcourse). I am not saying thats bad at all. . but the only thing is, i am not one of them. But still i will be staying put there for the obvious reasons.
    I am trying to improve my blog . thanks to expert suggestions from teachers like you. So please keep commenting.
    That means so much to me.

  6. Hi Jahnavi,
    I felt great after reading your blog..bumped into it actually...while blog hopping. I too am balancing work and study and felt good that someone shared by enthusiasm for the books :)