Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some - ANTAR

When you go to watch an Amol Palekar's movie, you expect it to be good or excellant. But Samantar is unfortunately neither. This is a story of Mr. Keshav Vaze, who after a suuceesful stint as a progressive businessman suddenly wants to end up his life at the age of 60. Reason - He feels life is not worth living anymore and so should be ended with dignity and respect. In a desperate attempt to bring back his interest in life, Keshav's daughter takes him to Kolkata for a psychiatric treatment. There Keshav comes face to face with Shama - his long lost love. A past tragedy had made it impossible for Keshav and Shama to stay in touch and that has turned Shama into reclusive and silent woman who hardly speaks even to her son. Keshav, who is confronted with such an unexpected turn of event is confused how to handle it and is scared to face Shama. So he is in dilemma including his quest for ending is life and his relationship with Shama.
Just like the name, Samantar, the movie runs with two stories parallel to each other.
One - About Keshav's quest for choice death or "Iccha Maran" and
Two - His relationship with Shama and its present possibilities.
Due to this, i found the movie a bit scattered all throughtout with a very weak thread connecting the events that take place. The content was interesting enough but if more efforts were taken on screenplay and editing, this would have been a really a good watch. Dialogues are good enough but the thing is, when the screenplay is sloppy, even good dialogues fail to have that "punch" effect.
This film, it should be said, belongs wholely to Mr. Amol Palekar. As expected, he has given a splendid performance. His brooding, intelligent persona has best suited for this role. But sadly, the veteran Sharmila Tagore is wasted in the role as she doesnt have even a single good dialogue to utter and the scenes dont have much to emote. Other actors are not even worth mentioning except Sameer Dharmadhikari , who has done a good job with the limited scope.
But i did find the cinematography to be up to the mark. There were some amazing shots from Kolkata captured which makes you take notice.
Conclusion : Go for the movie just to watch Mr. Palekar. If you want something serious to think - no chance.

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  1. Please do not tell like this..I was having lots of hopes from this movie. Let me see it first then I will discuss/argue/fight with you on amol palekar's movie. :)))