Monday, April 27, 2009

Music !!!

I was getting the typical Monday blues when i reached office first thing in the morning. The office was sparsely filled though i was 10 mins late. The few employees who had come were looking like it was already 6 pm . . all bored and droopy. I reached my desk without a shred of enthusiasm. After starting my routine i realised that this is gonna be just one of those long and extended Mondays which i dreaded so much. No fun, no excitement and nothing interesting to look forward to except mundane work. I put on my headphones and started my favorite songs in full volume.In such a condition, music was the only link to peace for me. It was after around half n hour that i received a mail and my breath was nearly caught into my chest.

"It has been observed a large amount of organization infrastructure in the form of disk space is being used for storing multimedia files and features by employees. This is to inform that henceforth listening to music in office is strictly banned and any amount of multimedia storage will be considered as a breeach to the Organizatinal rules. Employees are expected to immediately delete all the personal media contents. An IT check will be conducted anytime starting from tommorow. " . . the mail stated

I had a feeling of falling from a high cliff with each word that i read. Music banned ??? What the hell !!! How can this company be so ridiculously cruel ???
What bad has the music done to the company ?? Cant they grant such a small favour in return to the work they extract from us ??? This was mad, this was stupid this was absolutely outrageous. . .

When my initial prangs of anger and frustration subsided i realised the intensity of a grave situation i was going to be in. No music !!! It was just next to no hands or no ears or no heart. Since i joined office as a professional, the only sound that was left in my life was the constant buzzing of the AC and the ringing of phones. And there were new challenges to be faced, new destinations to be conquered. In such a situation what kept me grounded and away from frustration was simply and solely my music.

I often have had really stressfull days full of meetings, phone calls and code jams. . but in the evenings i had listened to Suresh Wadkar singing "Surmaai Shyaam is tarah aaye " and i had felt all the streched veins relaxing in my mind and small drops of "AMRIT" dripping down my ears. I have had early morning tensions because of object delieveries and presentations scheduled for the day ahead but i had listened to the "yu hi challa chal rahi" from Swades and my heart had been filled with enthusiasm and energy.I had frequently used the headphones as a way of blocking all the noise from the surrounding and the loud sound for concentrating on work. And if i didnt have work then i had used music as a way of avoiding interruptions from colleagues. It had effectively worked most of the times.
Yes !! My life feeds on music. Rather than wasting disk space i felt music cleaned unwanted trash from ones mind leaving it free for creativity, imagination and ideas. I was now badly cursing my company because i felt people up there should understand the peaceful working conditions some of their employees expected and music was not even a small harm to their bigg organizational structure as well as infrastructure. It eventually helps the company itself in getting more quality work from the employees. What does it matter guys, if handfull of your employees couldnt work without music. !!!

But i knew all of my tantrums were of no use now. the mail was official and that meant it was the last word. I had to part with my treasure of two years . . which i had collected from so many different sources. I was thinking of the ways i could smuggle the music files from my system out of the office safe to my pc at home. . but USB was blocked. I was now sweating a bit due to excessive thinking. I started counting the last few days left for me to enjoy my peace and realising it was too short i immediately put on my headphones and clicked the play button. The soft and sensuous voice of Lata didi played in my ears. .

Dil dhundta hai phir vahi
Fursat ke raat din. .
Baithe rahe tasavvure
Jana kiye hue. . . . !!!!!

I felt i was drifting away from the tension and humming happily in sink with the song. Miraculously the music had once again worked its magic on me. Yes this was after all the peace i craved for at that moment . And no matter how many times they ban any physical existence. . music will surely remain to be everywhere working its peace and magic.


  1. :) as rabindra rightly said.

    Music fills the infinite between two souls.— Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)