Sunday, February 21, 2010

Aamir . . not quite such a perfectionist !!!!

It was really surprising to read about the public spat between two veterans Aamir Khan and Javed Aktar in the Copyright Act Committee. More surprising was the statement Aamir made about the lyricist not contributing much to the success of the song. I believe that the lyrics form the crux and soul of the song. It is the basic foundation on which the music is laid and later on the star performs. If there were no soulful lyrics who would like to listen to the songs. There are numerous examples of well shot songs with big stars which have gone terribly flop because the lyrics were not good. Take for example Aamir’s own songs from the film Baazi, other than “Dheere Dheere Aap Mere” all other songs were not even average hits because their lyrics were not good enough to even attract the listeners. Aamir is the person who gives utmost importance to the script of his films. His hard attempts for supporting the script of Lagaan and developing the story of Taare Jameen Par are well known. So then how can he disregard the contribution of good lyrics in the success of the songs?? I know some of the old classic songs by heart and hear them regularly. Some of the old melodious classics like “Ajahuna aaye balamwa”, “Yu hasrton ke daag”, “Zameen se hamein aasaman par” etc are my favorites. But I still don’t know to which film they belong and who are the actors or so called “STARS” in the songs. The songs mesmerize the audience for generations to come only on the basis of lyrics and music but not the stars. I strongly believe that Aamir should think about his public statement once more and give proper credit to the lyricists.

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